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Project Management Support

At PMPS Consulting, we endeavour to maintain the balance between triple constraints of time, cost, and scope. This balance not only leads to the project success but also avoids unwanted issues and challenges.

The project is considered successful only when the success criteria are met and sets of tangible benefits are available to the end users and stakeholders.

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Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management Support
  • Construction Planning
  • Project Control Support
  • Dashboard Management
  • Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Project Performance Audits and Research

Our Services What We Offer

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Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis

We can perform Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis for Clients, investigating events using the critical path method (CPM). This helps in finding the exact cause and extent of delays in a project, which can then be used to resolve the delay claims through negotiations or legal proceedings.
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Construction Planning

We support Clients to validate the scope and identify any gaps in requirements, helping clients to map out the construction process, being mindful of resources and Client’s priorities. We would then draft initial actions to create baseline construction plan.
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Project Control Support

Assist Clients to create a project control plan that describes specific processes, procedures, systems, and tools that will be used by the project control team throughout the project lifecycle. We help Clients with the planning of the cost and scheduling elements on the project.


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