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Project Management Support

The soul of every project management is to create the balance between triple constraints namely the target date, and the allocated budget to achieve the agreed requirement. 

The project is considered successful, only after the business case is realised and is visible to the people and all stakeholders are benefited from the project outcome.

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Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management and Planning,
  • Construction Planning,
  • Project Control,
  • Dashboard Management,
  • Delay Analysis, &
  • Performance Audit


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Our Services What We Offer

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Construction Planning

Help validating the scopes and identifying the scope gap. Help clients to map out the construction process being realistic depending upon resources and client’s priorities. Draft an initial plan to create baseline construction plan.
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Project Control Support

Assist clients to create project control plan that describes specific processes, procedures, systems and tools used by project control team throughout the project lifecycle. Help clients with planning of cost and scheduling portion of the project.
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Delay Analysis

Perform Forensic delay schedule Analysis and categorized the delays according to their types. Help clients to analyse the schedule and figure out the reason for delay. Help clients whether time extension and monetary compensation should be granted.

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